He asked me to pray for her.

Last night as I tucked my middle three kiddos into bed, I asked them if they had anything they would like me to pray and talk to God about for them.  My daughter wanted kids to be nice at school, my son wants his dad to come home safe from work and T asked me to pray for his mom.  He wants her to “get the house fixed” and he told me she had a runny nose at the visit he had with her yesterday.  I said, “of course I will honey!  I have been and I will continue to pray for your mom.”  And so as they closed their eyes and bowed their heads, I prayed with the kids and I thanked God for each one of them, I thanked Him for our house and our warm beds to sleep in and our school and then I lifted up each of my children’s prayer requests to the Father.  And with T listening I prayed for his mom.  I felt so honored that he trusted me enough to ask me to pray for the desires of his heart with him.  


5 thoughts on “He asked me to pray for her.

  1. Often times with the crazy night that I have with 5 boys I forget how important it is to pray with my kiddos every night. I really needed to read this as a reminder to take the time to just pray every night with them.

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