“You’re different than my real mom.”

Tonight as he ate his last bite of lasagna T looked at me and said, “you’re different than my real mom.  Whenever I ask her to do something for me, she just never does it.”  I was quiet and listened as three seconds later he continued, “you cook dinner food for us, my mom doesn’t cook.”  We all just kind of sat there.  There wasn’t really anything to say. It’s good to just listen and allow T to make his own observations.  

It really brings me to my knees in prayer though, for all of the children out there who go without what my children take very much for granted.  My children fully expect a warm yummy dinner every night and don’t think twice about it.  Many kids go without dinner or maybe have to figure out how to provide food for themselves.  Tonight, I’m really happy he is here with us eating what he called, “the best lasagna ever!”  


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