The brothers had a visit.

Yesterday T, The Baby and their other two brothers all had a visit.  I met the the foster mama of Sad Eyes and she is perfect for him!  I almost cried!  When he saw me, he ran to me and hugged me.  Then he played with T.  They chased each other around the halls of DHR and threw bouncy balls for each other to catch. Their two year old brother was there too and he is a ball of energy.  He babbled and yelled and happily played with his brothers.  But, back to Sad Eyes and his foster mama.  They walked into the building together, he clung to her leg.  When she told of the adventures they’ve had together so far, her eyes sparkled.  She loves him!  She loves him so much!  She’s a single mama and she is trained in theraputic care.  Sad Eyes is her one and only and it’s just the two of them and three loving dogs at her house.  They like the same things and really enjoy being around each other.  Does Sad Eyes still have his rages?  Yes, he does, but his foster mama is trained in how to handle them and I’m happy to report that Sad Eyes is getting amazing care along with living with a mama who really really loves him!  My heart is so happy!  


4 thoughts on “The brothers had a visit.

    • It was amazing to see the two of them together! He is getting one on one attention non-stop and she is trained in handling the rages and behaviors that he has. I loved him, I just wasn’t what he needed and this Foster mama is exactly what he needs. It just makes me smile to know he is in such a great place!

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