I’ll just rock The Baby.

My days with him could be numbered.  I’m pretty sure we will have him through Christmas, but with foster care there are never really any guarantees.  I’m doing my best at not thinking about the future and just enjoying and spending time in the now.  I love The Baby.  I love T.  They are both so precious to me.  The goal of this whole thing is to heal this broken and sad family.  The goal is to reunify them all after certain goals are met.  That is the plan.  But, I can’t help but feel like this baby has been saved.  He has never known neglect, abuse, or any type of violence.  He has never wanted for anything that he needed.  He is happy, content, and perfect.  He is new.  He has his whole life ahead of him and at this point will never experience what T and Sad Eyes have experienced.  He was saved.  But, reunification is the goal.  I must and will support this.  So, for now I’ll just rock The Baby.


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