3 days until TPR

There are only three more days until the TPR (termination of parental rights) court hearing for our precious Baby Girl.  She came to us two years and one month ago a teeny tiny baby and now she is a sassy, smart, loving toddler.  We love her!  During the two years that she has been in our care our Baby Girl has seen her birth mother twice.  Once at the 72 hour court hearing after coming into care and once last year.  That is it.  She has never called to ask about Baby Girl although she has had my cell number the entire time.  She did not complete one step in her case plan.  She disappeared, reappeared, and then disappeared again.  She has been arrested and to jail over 5 times since then and is currently serving time for dangerous crimes.  To say that I am overjoyed that this case is coming to an end and that it is ending with us grafting Baby Girl into our family for forever would be an understatement!  I am in shock!  I cannot believe this is almost over.  In a few days the judge will terminate parental rights making Baby Girl a “ward of the state.”  At that time we can then petition to adopt her.  She will have our last name!  She has had our love, our devotion, and our care for years, but now she will officially and legally be our Baby Girl! 


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