When they can talk…

It’s a totally different experience fostering a baby and fostering a seven, almost eight year old.  Seven year olds can talk.  And our’s talks and talks and talks.  T tells of a life far different from the one he is living with us today.  He tells of a past that is haunted with hurt and disappointments.  And who does he tell these hurts to?  Me, he tells me, his foster mom.  He goes to counseling twice a month, but doesn’t talk there.  He talks at home and he talks to me.  I am not a counselor, I am not a professional and most of what he has experienced quite frankly scares me.  But, God has put me in this place for this exact moment to be the “ears” of Jesus.  All I can do is listen.  Our foster son will likely go back to this life that he has led.  He will go back. So, all I can do is love him today and pray for him always.


7 thoughts on “When they can talk…

  1. I’m so happy that T can talk to you. Remember to document everything and hopefully he’ll talk more to the therapist in time as he feels more comfortable there. You’re doing a great job and if you need therapy to help you cope with all he’s telling you, do it!

    • Thank you!!!! I am writing a journal and keeping it all documented. It is overwhelming at times, but I am so happy he does feel comfortable talking to me. That makes me feel like he knows he is loved and safe here.

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