Everyone always leaves me.

T told me after his visit with his mom and brothers today that he was sad.  I asked him what was making him feel that way and he said, “I’m sad because everyone always leaves me.”  I turned the car off and turned around in my seat.  “Oh T,” I said, “I’m so sorry you feel like everyone always leaves you.”  I know someone who will NEVER leave you.”  He looked up at me skeptical and unknowing.  “God loves you so much T!  He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you.  He is the ONE who will never leave you.  All you have to do is call out the name Jesus and He is right there.  He is holding your hand, sitting beside you and He wants a relationship with you.”  T put his head down.  He looked at his pants and fiddled with his book.  I didn’t say anything else.  Neither did he.  I turned the car back on and we drove home in silence.  Heavy stuff, foster care.  He is right, the “people” here on earth who were supposed to take care of him have always left him.  My hope is that T will find a personal relationship with Jesus and have that to hold onto his entire life! 


4 thoughts on “Everyone always leaves me.

  1. I want to share a word of encouragement with you: Years ago when I was in college, a young man came to speak at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting I was attending. As part of his testimony about his faith in Jesus Christ, this young man talked about the positive influence of the foster family he lived in when he was three years old. He said it was there that he first experienced the love of Jesus and this is what drove him to Christ many years later.

    I was blown away because sometimes it all feels so meaningless, but God can move in very powerful ways!


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