We are in this together!

Our fostering agency is getting more calls than ever from the state to place children.  The rise in need for quality foster homes is rising faster than funding and available homes.  Children are being separated into state homes, group homes, or homes in counties hours away from where they came into care.  

At first, I got mad about the fact that our agency couldn’t do more.  I wondered how in the world this was happening and children were suffering because adults and groups of people who were supposed to be taking care of this problem seemingly to me, weren’t.  Then, one night we got a call.  There were four children, did we know anyone who could take all of them together?  Calls were made, foster parents from our agency were frantic to help, but in the end the siblings were separated.  It broke my heart!  I could NOT imagine a 4,5,7, and 8 year old being placed separately because of a shortage of funds and homes that could take all four of them together.  It broke me.  I wrote a long email to our agency begging for help to fix this problem!  And, guess what!  All of the anger and frustration I was feeling about “why nobody was doing anything about it,” turned into me asking, “can I help do something about this?”  After many emails and phone calls, I was given the go ahead to spread the word!  I’ve created a group of area foster parents, adoptive parents, churches and individuals who want to help!  I’ve written our family’s testimony about fostering and how God has used fostering to change our lives.  I’m traveling to area churches, sharing and asking for help!  I can hardly express the joy it brings me to be part of the solution.  Bringing more people into awareness about the crisis we are facing.  After all, aren’t we all in this together!?!


4 thoughts on “We are in this together!

  1. I’m so proud of you. Despite being really busy with your little ones you are making time to stand up and speak about something you’re really passionate about.
    Good luck!

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