Adoption Home Placement Agreement

We will sign the “adoption home placement agreement” and all of the “paperwork” for Baby Girl this Thursday!  I cannot wait!  I’m cleaning the house spotless and making something yummy for all of us to eat that morning!  It is going to be glorious and I’m going to photograph the whole thing!  I won’t have delivery room photos for Baby Girl’s baby book, so I want to get pictures of everything I can and make it as special as possible!  She is going to be our daughter!!!!  We are so happy!!! 


10 thoughts on “Adoption Home Placement Agreement

  1. Oh my! I have read all throughout this journey and this seriously restores some faith. I couldn’t be more happy for you and your family. Baby girl definitely deserves an amazing family to be raised in and I know yours is perfect for her!!! Congrats ma’am. So happy. ❤️😊

  2. Just wanted to put it out there…I called the hospital and got info on the picture companies that did baby hospital photos at the time my boys were born. I was able to recover, and order my younger son’s photos (2.5 yrs later!!). My older son, (6 yrs) I wasn’t able to get. The company said they had already been deleted, but that often times they can be recovered in the first 5 yrs.
    Congrats to you!

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