She hasn’t done anything they’ve asked, but blames it on them.

I would be her biggest cheer leader!  I would listen to her worries, talk things out with her, offer help and support, and be “on her side,” but she refuses.  She refuses to do anything positive or take any steps to reunify with her boys.  Foster care is so hard!  I want nothing more than for these boys to go home to their mama right now!  For her to be their hero!  For her to come through for them!  But… She isn’t.  She is going on vacation to a beach resort, buying all sorts of things for herself and criticizing the very people who are trying to help her!  I’m so mad some days, I could just scream!  So, I keep rocking the baby, feeding him, loving him and changing him.  I keep talking to T about telling the truth and helping him with his homework.  I keep tucking them in at night, praying with them/ for them and treating them as if they were my own.  But, the truth is they are not and they won’t be.  There are four of them scattered in three foster homes and they need to be reunited.  One way or another we need to get these brothers under the same roof again.  I will fight for that for them because no matter what they deserve to be together! 


7 thoughts on “She hasn’t done anything they’ve asked, but blames it on them.

    • It is! We have a Foster mom who wants to be the Foster mama to all four boys!!! We just have to slowly move each one in to give time for adjustment and to allow each boy to finish the school year. We (the three Foster mamas) are fighting for these boys to get to be together!!!

  1. I was in foster care from 2 1/2 to 6 years old. I had four other siblings. We were sent in five different directions. Our younger brother was a baby and was sent to live in Virginia while we stayed in Florida. Our mother and father did not seem to care. It is a difficult situation for all involved! I was adopted and brought to live in Virginia. My bio brother became my cousin and I was forced to treat him as such. Sad situation….

    • I am so sorry! I would keep these boys with me for as long as they’d let me! I would never “send them away,” but we cannot adopt all four boys… If it comes to termination and adoption I feel what is best for these boys is to be together! They are all each other will have left! What do you think? Siblings together no matter what or stay in one home and never move? I want the best for these boys!

      • I have always felt that it would have been better for my siblings and I to have stayed together in one home. We suffered greatly being apart. We’re now scattered…Alabama, Florida and Virginia. We Skype, talk on Fb and the phone, but it’s not the same. I had to use Facebook to find them once I left my adoptive parents. I wasn’t allowed to prior. I had a closed adoption. However, it’s not always feasible to place them together! Thank you for being so supportive!

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