Long Distance Daddy

Our Army Daddy leaves again in a week.  He isn’t going overseas this time, so that is a bonus, but he will still be far away.

He’s packed.  He’s doing all of those “around the house chores” that mostly daddies do.  He is painting, fixing, and doing the things that use big fun power tools!  He is so handy and for that I am very greatful!  

We will miss our full time daddy!  It has been so nice to have him home full time for three whole months!  Life is so much nicer when daddy is around, but he has a job and it takes him away.  I’m just greatful we have had this time together as a family to connect and bond.  He has played catch in the front yard, danced in the living room and watched basketball and soccer games.  It has been glorious!  

We’re back to long distance daddy in just one week.  It will be tough, but we’ll get through!  We’ve done it for two years come this May.  We’re not pros by any means, but it’s our “normal” now.  


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