When the child you’re trying to help hurts someone you love…

It was hard to hear.  I sat putting Baby Girl’s shoes on as we got ready to go on a family walk.  She looked up at me and said, “T mad mom, mom… T mad!”  I didn’t quite know where this was coming from and so I asked her, “why baby?”  “He pinches me all the time mom, he pinches me.”  “What?” I asked her, now I was concerned!  “T pinches me all the time,” she said and she used her pointer and thumb to pinch herself on the arm, showing me what he did to her.  My heart sank.  My first reaction, I wanted to cry!  My baby had been hurt!  She is so little!  Only almost three years old and T will turn eight next week.  He towers over her.  Why would he be pinching her?  

I get it.  He’s hurting.  Hurt kids, hurt others.  But, why my baby?  Why my littlest one who cannot defend herself?  My heart was broken.  

We know we have to catch him in the act to be able to confront this behavior.  If we ask him about it without seeing him do it, he will just deny it.  We know from experience that the best way to deal with T and a negative behavior is to address it when we see it. 

Mostly, this just makes me sad.  I’m mad too, don’t get me wrong, but mostly sad.  T has been hurt and he is still hurting, so he hurts. It’s “normal” and I get it, but it still makes me very sad! 


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