Adoption Day! 

It happened!  Baby Girl is our forever daughter and we are her forever family!  My heart is SO full of joy and relief!  She is our’s!  


28 thoughts on “Adoption Day! 

      • I don’t want to cause you pain, so please ignore this if you prefer. But I’ve often wondered what happened with Little Man. I’ve read back through your blog … It must have been an agonizing time, far too painful to write about when it was happening. But if you’re able to share it now, I would so like to know. Did he go back to his birth family? Why him and not Baby Girl? Is he okay?

      • Oh, I wrote about it… Believe me, I had to! It was a way to cope. There is nothing “good” about that. My son of my heart is gone and I will forever be forced to wonder where/how he is…. All I can do is pray!

      • I saw a few posts … they were short and not very detailed, and the pain that seeped through them took my breath away. So probably I’m icky to be nosy. Sorry. I’ve just often wondered. So sorry you’ve completely lost contact. I hope the social welfare folk are still keeping an eye on him… in which case no news would be good news, I guess…

      • I’ll say this… NOT ONE PERSON involved (DHR, counselors, us) agreed to this or thought this was a “good idea,” and lawyers can be HORRID! They don’t have to like their client, think their client should be responsible for a little life, or anything. They just care about a paycheck and showing up sometimes. That is all. Sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I do pray for him and still grieve for him, but I now can remember a lot more happy and a lot less of the pain. He was and will forever be a little boy who was mine for a time and will ALWAYS have my heart! ❤️

      • Lawyers live on another planet !! They know nothing about real life and the person who can pay the ost will always win the “case”, in my eyes many of them are just criminals in a costume and with a tie.

      • If you read March 2015, that was our darkest time… When he left.
        And because Baby Girl and Little Man have different biological fathers was the reason for them being separated. Worst thing ever!

      • I read that. Horrible and incomprehensible. I’m so sorry! But today you get to rejoice in a different outcome … and I truly do believe that your prayers will lift him up even if he’s not physically with you. Every time you give thanks for her, or pray for wisdom, you’ll remember and pray for him too. That’s a true blessing for him, even if so much less than you wished for.

  1. Awesome! My mother adopted me twenty-one years ago at age seven. It is still the greatest blessing in my life!

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