He did love us!

Last night I cried my eyes out after receiving a text and a pic from T’s new foster mom.  She had gone into his room to check on him before going to sleep and there he was, asleep holding our picture on his chest.  She took a pic of him sleeping peacefully like that and sent it to me.  Before T moved, I had printed out a pic of all the kids playing in the pool together and typed the words, “We love you T!” on it.  I put the pic in a frame and as we moved him into his new bedroom yesterday, I placed the picture frame on his new bedside table.  Falling asleep for the very first time in his new home, he held our picture and our message of love to him to his chest as he fell asleep.  My heart just broke!  He did love us after all.  He loved us.  And we love him!  We love you T!  You will be in our hearts forever!  We are so happy you will get to grow up with your brothers, ALL of them!  We love you.


6 thoughts on “He did love us!

  1. How heart wrenching, yet so sweet. If I had to choose one word for foster care,it would be bittersweet. What a lovely idea to send the framed photo with “we love you T” on it. I’ve been wondering what to send with Joyful and Watchful when they go home after living with us for a year and a half. Maybe I’ll borrow your idea. I’m sending you lots of love, hoping that your heart heals quickly, leaving you with fond memories of love shared.

    • It is! And I’ve heard several times since then that T told his new foster mom that his favorite part of being with her is that, “I get to be with all my brothers!” Makes me so happy to have been part of reunifying siblings, even if it was hard to see them go.

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