Our home is temporarily closed.

As happens with Army life, we may have to move.  Because of this, we had to temporarily close our home to new foster placements.  We had to put a hault on our plans to hopefully adopt again soon.  Now, we wait.  Will we indeed be moving next spring?  Where will the Army send us?  

One thing is FOR SURE.  I am praising GOD that Baby Girl is our’s always and forever!  I NEVER would have left this state without her!  Now, that isn’t even a worry! She goes where we go!  


10 thoughts on “Our home is temporarily closed.

  1. There are kids who need you wherever God (and the Army) take you. Meanwhile I hope you just ENJOY the time you have with all your sugars, build their spirits and reinforce relationships. Bless you for your commitment and for all the love you pour out on these children. You’re making the world a better place, not just right now, but for generations to come.

    • Awe! Thank you! To be honest, I cried my eyes out when I found out. Felt defeated and couldn’t understand why now? But, I do believe God has a plan and someone recently said to me, “you’re moving because the child who needs you isn’t here. They are at your next duty station.” That really helped my perspective!

      • I think that’s absolutely true. I experienced something similar recently – I mean, not a similar experience, but a similar sense of God not giving me what I wanted because He was busy with something better. My Mom was very sick – in fact, she was dying – and I couldn’t get over to see her. (I’m in the US, in Washington; she was in South Africa. There was a problem with my passport.) She and I were very close; I knew she needed me, my sisters needed me to be there helping them, I needed to be there … and the Lord just didn’t open the necessary doors until right at the very end of her life.

        He knew that it was important for my sisters to be responsible for caring for our parents, instead of handing it over to me. I’ve always been the Big Sis – the one who comes in and takes over. Because they were forced to cope without me, they had the incredible privilege of caring for both her and our Dad. (I got to spend three whole months with our parents over Christmas, just after Mom’s diagnosis. The Lord met my need, and hers; those last few weeks? They were for my sisters. And also my brother … he has real issues with me, and the fact that I wasn’t there meant he could be with my Mom during her final weeks and not have to even think about me.)

        Anyway, I headed out of here the moment I got the go ahead from the South African government … then I missed my plane – Seattle traffic. I had to take a different flight, which went via LA instead of directly to Heathrow. Because I had to spend a few hours in LA I was able to call her. We didn’t know it, but it was the last morning of her life – and I was able to tell her I was coming, and spend some precious time with her. Then my flight from Heathrow to Johannesburg was delayed 12 hours – and because of that I was on the ground and able to receive the message that she was gone. My sisters and daughter didn’t have to bear the burden of meeting me at the airport with the news; I didn’t have to spend the long, long flight across Africa wondering whether I’d be in time – instead I had time to be absolutely alone with God in a comfortable hotel bed, dealing with my loss.

        I know it sounds like a sad story – and of course it is; my mother died – that’s as sad as it gets! But what I’m trying to explain is, God’s hand was on the tiller the whole time. I’m not good at just standing back and letting Him take control – I’m a “Get in there and deal with it” person. But in this situation there WAS nothing I could do. I had to let Him work it all out His way. And the peace I felt when doing that – the peace I continue to feel, knowing that it was exactly as it was meant to be – is comforting beyond all explanation.

        Sorry about the long, LONG message … I’ve written a lot about my Mom’s passing recently on my blog, but have never quite been able to share how extraordinary it was to KNOW that God was actively involved in making everything work exactly as it was supposed to, with no anxious prayers or supplications or Claiming In Jesus’ Name by me. It was wonderful to be in a place of such peace. I hope you are able to find that place too.

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