My List

Remember when I wrote that blog post a couple months back about 44 things to do while my soldier is gone?  Well, today I re-read the blog post and guess what?  My soldier has been gone only 1/3 of the time that he will be gone and yet my kiddos and I have already done 22 of the 44 things that we planned on doing!  That’s half!  How awesome is that?  So, yay for us!

We went to the drive-in.  Um, CRAZY NIGHT!  But, seriously I am SO glad that we did that!  We may have been the loudest truck there with my five kiddos switching seats every ten seconds and calling, “Pass the popcorn,” loud enough for the entire drive-in to hear us, but it was a BLAST!

We visited the beach!  SO GLAD WE DID THAT TOO!  I love the beach, it is my happy place!  My sister-in-law came to visit and we took five kiddos, two chairs, five buckets and shovels, snacks, drinks, diapers, towels, shoes, toys, and a camera to the beach and made it out alive and still ready to do it again someday!  Success!

I teach my daughter’s Girl’s In Action class at church almost every Wednesday night and LOVE IT!  Being with her and her friends and teaching them about missions is a joy!

I’ve taken the babies on walks at the park, watched my oldest play soccer and basketball, taken tons of photos of everything we do and so much more!  I even signed my son up for drum lessons and that wasn’t even on the list!

So, three months down, six more months to go and only 22 more things to check off my list and then my soldier will be home!




Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving was awesome this year!  The kids and I spent time together and pretty much did “nothing” all day long.  We ate what we wanted, played games, took naps, and seriously just hung out all day!  We missed our Daddy very much as he is still in Afghanistan, but we did get to talk to him today and he is safe for tonight.  Now the kiddos and I are all ready to snuggle up in our warm comfy beds.  The weather has cooled down a bit and it is on night’s like this one that I love to light the fire and drink hot apple cider while I catch up on reading my favorite blogs.  I hope your Thanksgiving was all that you hoped for and that you spent time with those you love!

Good Night!

12 months ago

12 months ago I thought it would never happen. 12 months ago I was forcing myself to “keep busy” in the waiting. 12 months ago I got enough sleep every night and sometimes awoke in the mornings totally refreshed before my alarm clock even buzzed. 12 months ago I was sometimes “bored” and had to come up with things to do to keep busy. I organized my cabinets and used my label maker a lot. I sewed beautiful dresses for my then youngest girl and I substitute taught at our church’s preschool. 12 months ago my husband and I watched a movie together nearly every night before bed. 12 months ago was a LONG time ago!

Then, 12 months ago two little people entered my life on a cold Wednesday night, scared, tired, and hungry. My life has never again been the same!

Today, I have 5 kids! Today, I never get enough sleep. Today, I drive my children to three different schools, change two diapers every two hours, brush two extra sets of teeth, take 5 little ones to doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, soccer games, dance lessons, music lessons, basketball practice, and so much more! My life is full!

I was completely in love with my family 12 months ago and today I am even more in love with them! I may have bags under my eyes! I may have put on 10 extra pounds, and wear yoga pants more than anything else, but I’m happy!

I’m so glad God gave us “our precious two” 12 months ago!