Christmas with The Twins

Christmas with the twins was amazing.  I loved watching them light up after seeing their Christmas gifts. I sat for an hour Christmas morning watching them ride in circles on their new Power Wheel ATV’s.  They were so happy!  But, these little ones really are just always very happy little boys.  They are well adjusted and joyful children.  I love being their foster mama.  They are a joy!  


Christmas Visit for T and Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes and T haven’t seen each other since Thanksgiving.  The boys live 3 hours apart.  So, today we’re meeting up, just the boys and their foster families for a Christmas visit!  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I will now.  Sad Eyes has the BEST foster mama!  She seriously is amazing!  She and I talk via text almost every single day.  We share pictures of the boys and stories of what they are doing.  Best of all is the support she and I can give each other as we care for boys who have been through trauma.  It is overwhelming sometimes to parent children from hard places.  Having her to talk to has proved to be a kind of therapy for me as I listen to and help a little boy very hurt by his first family.  The boys each are so different in how they handle their emotions and feelings.  T holds a lot inside and hides his feelings.  Sad Eyes lets it all out and acts out his feelings.  But, even though the boys react very differently to life, they have experienced life together for the past 6 years, so getting them together is of a high importance.  Remaining close and sharing new positive experiences is a goal for both foster families.  So, we’re off!  Driving three hours to get these precious boys together!  

The 1st person I called on Christmas Day

The first person I called on Christmas Day was the mother of the children I am raising.  The person I texted the most pictures to on Christmas Day is the woman with no children to hold, no smiles to see, and no giggles to hear on this happiest of days.  For her, today isn’t happy.  She has lost her children.  They live with me and my family now.  She should be working to get them back, I hope that she is!  I hope she realizes how special they are and how much they are worth fighting for.  They are worth it!  These precious gifts that God has given her.  This morning was wonderful!  The entire day at our house was just plain perfect!  God has been so good to us this year!  But, as I video taped the squeals, the joy and all of the excitement of today, I couldn’t help but think of her, the woman without her children on Christmas Day.  

Making it Special

 This is likely our only Christmas with T and The Baby.  I want to make it special.  Special for them and special for us, their foster family.  We love them as if they were our own, but they are not.  They will have two Christmases this year.  One, at a two hour visit with their biological family and one on Christmas Day with us.  Both should be filled with love and laughter and fun, but one will be observed by social workers and therapists and one will be with our family, one that T does not consider to be his own.

So, to make things special, we have gone to see Christmas light displays, made gingerbread houses, decorated the tree, made fun “holiday” snacks for school classmates, bought gifts for T and The Baby’s other two brothers, and participated in two different Christmas play productions.  It’s been quite a busy and wonderful season!  No matter where these precious boys are next year, I wanted this year to be special!

Christmas Eve

I did it! I didn’t think I could, but I did! I handled Christmas Eve all by myself with five kids and no family within 2,000 miles! I didn’t cry! I didn’t fuss! I put on my big girl panties and made a very special, never to forget day for my five sweet children! Yes, our soldier daddy is deployed and yes, that stinks, but it’s Christmas and we won’t get another one for another 365 days! So, Merry Merry Christmas Eve 2014 everyone! From our family to your family, God bless you!!!

Just a couple of silly elves!

Our Elf on the Shelf, Frisbee and his buddy, Ross have had some pretty funny tricks to play on my kids this Christmas!  Each one of them have enjoyed waking up every morning and running to find out what the elves have been up to the night before.








IMG_2411-0.JPGI’m actually going to be pretty sad when they leave for the North Pole on Christmas Eve… they have brought a lot of joy to our house this Christmas and have been a great distraction for us while our soldier is away.