Anything he wants 

Today is all about Little Man!  We ate what he wanted to eat.  We played what he wanted to play.  Instead of a nap, we did quiet time and I let him watch all of his favorite shows.  After we picked the big kids up from school we went to his favorite drive-thru and got his favorite milkshakes!!!  

I remember when he had been with us less than a month and we stopped to get milkshakes.  I’m not sure he had ever had one.  He simply loved it, but when he was only half done he threw it all onto the floor, milkshake everywhere!  Wow, that seems like a long time ago.  Today, he sipped through his straw and when he was down to the part he had to scoop out he said, “fork please,” and got down to get a “fork” (actually a spoon, but goodness he’s cute!)

From now until Tuesday, I plan to pretty much do whatever he wants!  This is his time!  These are memories to hold onto for forever!  


12 months ago

12 months ago I thought it would never happen. 12 months ago I was forcing myself to “keep busy” in the waiting. 12 months ago I got enough sleep every night and sometimes awoke in the mornings totally refreshed before my alarm clock even buzzed. 12 months ago I was sometimes “bored” and had to come up with things to do to keep busy. I organized my cabinets and used my label maker a lot. I sewed beautiful dresses for my then youngest girl and I substitute taught at our church’s preschool. 12 months ago my husband and I watched a movie together nearly every night before bed. 12 months ago was a LONG time ago!

Then, 12 months ago two little people entered my life on a cold Wednesday night, scared, tired, and hungry. My life has never again been the same!

Today, I have 5 kids! Today, I never get enough sleep. Today, I drive my children to three different schools, change two diapers every two hours, brush two extra sets of teeth, take 5 little ones to doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, soccer games, dance lessons, music lessons, basketball practice, and so much more! My life is full!

I was completely in love with my family 12 months ago and today I am even more in love with them! I may have bags under my eyes! I may have put on 10 extra pounds, and wear yoga pants more than anything else, but I’m happy!

I’m so glad God gave us “our precious two” 12 months ago!


Tonight we listened to one of the family devotions that my husband recorded for us before he left. It was about heaven. After listening to the devotion, I asked each of the children what they thought about heaven and what they thought it might be like. Here are their thoughts.

Oldest Girl (about to turn 13)
“No stress!”

Oldest Boy (10 years old)
“No sadness and no screaming.”

Middle Girl (7 years old)
“I think it will be all rainbow-ey… Oh and no babies crying!”

Little Man slept through this devotion
(He had a long day) and Baby Girl squealed and giggled hearing daddy’s voice on the computer!

Gosh I love them! So different, yet so wonderful each in their own special way!

Summer Camp

What does it take to go to summer camp with a family of seven???

28 outfits
21 pairs of shoes
14 towels
14 swimsuits
6 pillows
5 sleeping bags
4 blankets
3 digital cameras
2 boxes of diapers
2 boxes of baby wipes
1 case of bottled water
Sippy cups, bottles, goggles, Bibles, medicines, snacks, etc……
1 Chevy Suburban filled to the max!

Good thing we’ll only be gone for 3 days!