Saying “goodbye” to The Twins

  • I took J and K to their mama’s house today along with all of their worldly possessions.  I hugged them, kissed the tops of their sweet smelling heads and said, “goodbye.”  Then, I drove away and bawled my eyes out.  I could feel my heart breaking.  I love those precious boys!  Being their foster mama has been one huge joy! They are in loving hands though.  Their mama fought for them!  She did everything anyone ever asked her to do to get her boys back.  This was a foster care success story!  I’m blessed to have been a part of keeping this family together.  God is so good! 

They play together even when they could play with anyone else!

The Twins and Baby Girl go to the same preschool where I also work two days a week.  It’s fun because from my classroom window I can look outside and “spy” on them while they are on the playground.  It’s free time and there are three classes full of friends they could play with, but over the past few weeks when I look outside they are always together!  They really are like triplets now.  Baby Girl is only a few months older than K and J, so I really do have three three-year olds, “foster triplets.” 

It makes my heart so happy to look out the window and see that even though they could literally play with anyone else, they still play with each other! 

They have a loving mama

I’m sitting in a coffe shop drinking coffee, Baby Girl is having a hot cocoa.  We just dropped the twins off for a family visit at their mama’s house.  I took some of the twins’ things to her house today.  Reunification should happen at court next month.  I feel good about it this time!  I’m happy when I get to take the twins to see their mama.  She is good with them.  She cares about them.  She wants to do better than she ever has for them and she has told me so.  She has established an appropriate residence.  She has a job, a vehicle, and wants to do this!  She is different from what I’m used to being a foster parent.  I’m so happy for the boys!  I’m so happy for their mama.  

Christmas with The Twins

Christmas with the twins was amazing.  I loved watching them light up after seeing their Christmas gifts. I sat for an hour Christmas morning watching them ride in circles on their new Power Wheel ATV’s.  They were so happy!  But, these little ones really are just always very happy little boys.  They are well adjusted and joyful children.  I love being their foster mama.  They are a joy!