My gift

Earlier today I wrote about the different ways in which my husband and I deal with impending separation. Due to his upcoming deployment, we will be physically separated for nearly 10-11 months. I deal with this by becoming emotional and clingy the days and weeks leading up to the separation and he gets busy “fixing things” and then emotionally checks out early.

So, this morning when we woke up and he asked what we had planned for the day and I said, “nothing,” he decided that today would be a good day to build “from scratch” a new platform for our king sized bed. “It will only take a few hours,” he said. I had no energy disagree with him. Did I want him to spend one of his last days with us in the hot sun sawing and hammering? Not necessarily, but I didn’t want to argue, so we started taking apart our room before we even ate breakfast.

Rewind a few months. It was back around April and it was nighttime. I was reading to the kids and everyone was sitting on my bed. The big kids were listening, but the babies were playing and right as I looked over at Baby Girl to check on her she reached for my jewelry box, grabbed it and dumped the entire thing and all of its contents onto the floor. Book over… We spent the next few minutes picking everything up, but one thing was missing! My engagement ring! I had put it in there before cleaning bathrooms earlier that day. So, I put everyone to bed and hubby and I searched! We took the sheets off the bed, no ring. We moved the nightstand, no ring. We vacuumed, no ring. My beautiful promise ring, turned engagement ring with it’s uniquely colored pearl that I have treasured for 14 years was gone.

Fast forward to this morning. My husband pulls the mattress off, then the box springs off of the rails. He moves everything to the corner of our room and as he is doing this, I see something shiny sparkling from beneath. Tucked into the very corner of the bed rails and formerly hidden by the box springs is my engagement ring! My engagement ring!!! My husband’s crazy idea to build me a new bed frame , just a few days before leaving for deployment gives me the greatest gift! My ring!!! I had been so sad that I wouldn’t have my beautiful ring to look at and twirl on my finger while missing my love these coming months! My ring, my ring, we found my ring! Now, on the nights alone, when I am feeling sad and lonely, I can look at my ring and remember the day he gave it to me, the day he put it on my finger. I will think of the man who picked it out and loves me more than anyone! I have my ring back! Thank you God for this gift!!!


One thought on “My gift

  1. So glad you found it! I have not yet had to go through a deployment with my husband yet, and hope we never have to. So I can’t imagine what your family is going through. I hope his time away from home goes by very quickly!

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