I’ve been praying for years… years I’ve been praying.  My heart is for the children that I believe God will bring into our lives to minister to through foster care and so when we got military orders to move, my heart broke.  It broke because we are foster parents and for years we have fostered precious little souls that each have a piece of my heart.  Little Man, Baby Girl, Sad Eyes, T, and The Baby all have a piece of me.  Baby Girl’s adoption last year was one of the greatest days of my life!  Being her forever mommy is one of my happiest joys!  My heart still feels there are little loves that need a mommy to take care of them and that I am that mommy.  So, when we got orders I was devastated.  We are not scheduled to move until next June, but still I called our agency to let them know the military’s plans to move our family.  All parties agreed that we should put our home on hold except for respite.  I grieved.  I grieved not being able to do what I truly believe God has called me to do.  But, I started packing away my baby things, my foster care items went into labeled boxes to be put into storage.

Then, tonight at 8:30 pm we got “THE CALL!”  Everyone in the foster care community knows this call.  It starts with looking down at your caller ID and seeing your social worker’s phone number.  Your heart starts to beat fast.  You get really excited!  Tonight was no different.  Two little boys need us, twin three year old boys.  We should get to welcome them into our home this Monday if all goes as planned.  We will have them for a short time, probably two months.  Their mother is working her case plan and is seeming to be doing really well, so this should be a short placement, but we are still very excited.  I can’t wait to meet the two little boys who will be part of our family for a short time.  I can’t wait til Monday!




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