319 days

319 days… That is how long it has been since Baby Girl and Little Man have seen their mother.

319 goodnights

319 wake-ups

Approximately 2,230 diaper changes (each!)

20 haircuts for Little Man

New words, new silly grins, new teeth, new favorites! So many new things!

I have gotten to enjoy them all! Me! I feel like the luckiest foster mama in the entire world! Why did God pick me? Why did he bless me with getting to raise these babies? Why me? I do not know! Something inside of me says, “this was all meant to be!” Them, us, our family!

I was talking to my soldier last night and he put it best… “Our family just feels complete, if they leave it will feel all wrong!”

But, that is what foster care is… It is a huge risk!

You do it for them. You do it to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment for little people who, at that moment really need you! And in the process you fall hopelessly in love with little ones who could be ripped away at a moments notice… But you do it anyway. You take that jump, you take that leap, because what choice do you have? If you want to be there for them, you have to not be there for you! I have heard it said that no sane person would ever sign up to be a foster parent and there is some truth to that. Who would do this to themselves on purpose? Who would ride this emotional roller coaster on purpose? Nobody, that’s who!

But, then you take one look at them and you wonder… What would have happened to them if we would have said, “no?”


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