I can remember them all.  Baby Girl has been in our care for 527 days.  I know all of the important dates that have happened during that time.  When I say I know them, it’s because I have journaled and written down everything that has happened in Baby Girl’s case while she has been in foster care.  I say this also because it is all still very cemented in my mind.  I can recall when visits were supposed to happen, but didn’t.  I can recall who said what to whom and when.  I have a written log of every phone call, every email, and pretty much every conversation that I have had with caseworkers, relatives, and lawyers or judges.  I know it all!  So, today when our new caseworker (our third one) called and needed dates because she couldn’t find them in the files and wanted to make sure she documented everything well, I was able to provide them to her immediately!  Foster Parents!!!  I cannot say this enough!  Document, document, document!  I mean everything!!!  Even though we have been visited by a caseworker repeatedly over the last 527 days, and some of them even took notes, I still am the one and only person who knows this case from start to now.  Me!  What if I didn’t keep track of this stuff? What if I didn’t care, didn’t know to, or didn’t think it would matter?  What would be happening to Baby Girl’s case now?  

I am so happy that I read somewhere in some blog or book to journal everything!  And so, I pass this knowledge onto you!  Please take notes, keep track, and journal all that you can!  I know you’re busy!  I know it takes time, but you might be the only person who does! 


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