21 Months


Twenty-one months ago we said, “hello” to two of the bravest, sweetest, most adorable little ones in the world!  Sixteen months after that day, we had to say, “goodbye,” to Little Man and it was ROUGH!  I didn’t feel very brave at that moment.  I felt like my world had just been crushed.  But, we couldn’t fall apart.  We had to keep going and today more than five months after that day, we celebrate our twenty-first month as Baby Girl’s family.  I still don’t feel very brave.  Some people say, “I couldn’t do it, I don’t know how you live with the fact that you may have to let her go.”  I say, “If it wasn’t for God and His grace, I couldn’t.  He is the only thing getting me through!”  But, I am so very happy that we said, “hello” twenty-one months ago and risked getting our hearts broken.  It was worth it, because today I am so very content and hopeful!  I love our precious Baby Girl and want the very best for her!

We love you Baby Girl!  Happy 21 months as part of our family!  You have brought us SO MUCH JOY!


2 thoughts on “21 Months

  1. You are doing something I would love to do….something I hope my husband will one day do (but he fears the getting attached and then saying goodbye)….you are loving babies and giving them the nurturing and care they deserve and need/ the care I wish our E had been given when she was born. I’m so happy you have Baby Girl.

    • I totally understand your husband’s fears! Read the month of March. It was our heartbreak month of losing Little Man, Baby Girl’s brother. Hardest thing ever!!! Thanks for reading! I’m really enjoying reading your family’s beautiful adoption story!

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