Reading about grieving 

Our foster agency wants our family to read up on grieving.  They want us to process all of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we have about Little Man leaving, so that we are sure we are ready for another little person to enter our lives.  I feel ready.  I feel like I have grieved in a very healthy way.  I talk about my grief.  I pray.  I write and journal.  I look back, but spend more and more time looking forward.  But, I’ll do it. I’ll read more and learn more.  I just wish someone would write a book entitled, “How to handle it when you lose your precious foster son: a foster parent’s guide to mourning the loss of the child of your heart.”  


2 thoughts on “Reading about grieving 

  1. I’m a lurker drawn out of hiding by your wish for a book. My situation is totally different, but I resonated with your wish for equally niche books/resources – currently wishing I could start a support group for “Gifted Foster Parents Stuck In Limbo Who May Or May Not Have ADHD But Always Dodged A Diagnosis, Or Maybe It’s Chronic Stress?”

    I hope your reading is helpful. I find myself scraping together bits and pieces from others’ writing/resources even if the situation doesn’t apply to me. I hope you can find some similar bits and pieces.

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