The Calm Before the Storm

There is an eerie calmness that I feel.  I keep thinking, “I should be freaking out about this,” but I’m not!  Deployment is a big deal!  Being married to a man in the Army, it kind of comes with the territory, coming and going, moving from here to there, being separated.  But, we have been really blessed!  Our family has been together for the majority of the time over the last few years.  Sure, there have been the occasional trainings, schools, or the time when my husband was in Korea and we were home in the United States for 7 months, but other than that we’ve been together.  Others have not been so lucky!  Friends of mine, close friends have husband’s who have seen the desert far too many times.  So, we’re blessed!

Each family goes through their own “pre-deployment” phase.  Some of us get clingy.  Others of us pull away in preparation.  This time around our family has the unique opportunity to be separated for six weeks and then together again for an entire month before the actual deployment starts.  I guess I look at this as sort of our “trial period.”  It will show us how we’re going to deal, what we’re really made of, I guess!  I’m excited about this period of time.  I am glad that we will have this time to “practice” living apart again.  We’ll work out the kinks.  We’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t.  I’ll figure out how the kids are going to react.  I know how I THINK they are going to react to Daddy being away, but I don’t actually KNOW how they will react.  So, here it goes, the count down.  We have one more week together.  One more week of sleeping in the same house, under the same roof.  One more week of goodnight kisses and bedtime prayers.  One more week of happy bliss and enjoying every last second together.  One more week.


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