Hoping not to hear bad news

Have you ever NOT wanted to hear bad news so much that you just tried not to talk to certain people or didn’t read your email or text messages, so that you couldn’t read the bad news? Well, that’s where I am at today. I feel super immature and pretty stupid about it, but oh well, I’m being honest here.

There has been quite a bit of drama surrounding our foster babies lately and it seems like every time I talk to their social worker it is just to learn more bad news. Mom’s out of jail. She’s pregnant again. Dad lied again. The legal department won’t answer phone calls. Grandma is throwing a fit. An intern broke confidentiality and told bio relatives information she shouldn’t have. Just one thing after another, so I’ve decided I just don’t want to know! I’m raising these babies right now no matter what craziness is going on. I wish I didn’t have to ever answer my phone again. I pray the next time I do, it will finally be some good news!


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