Precious moments in the midst of chaos

People who know us best know that our house is full of chaos. There are children running, children screaming, children laughing, children playing and sometimes children fighting. Our youngest two, ages three and twenty-one months seem to be constantly at each other these days. If one has a toy, the other one wants it and takes it forcefully! If one is on my lap the other one decides they want up there too. Of course both of them sitting up there together doesn’t seem acceptable to either. They express themselves by pushing, kicking, screaming, scratching me and trying to scratch each other. Timeout is a regular occurrence these days. It seems that as one is getting out of timeout the other one is headed to timeout. Sometimes it feels just endless. Why can’t we all just get along?

But then there are those moments, those precious precious moments. We had one of those this morning. Baby Girl was sitting on my lap snuggling and trying to wake up. Little Man was eating his breakfast at the table next to us. Out of nowhere, he ran to the back of the house and came back dragging a large warm blanket. Coming over to where Baby Girl and I were sitting he gently laid the blanket on top of her. He then climbed up into the chair and sweetly kissed her cheek. O, the sweetness of that moment! Did it last long? No. She grunted at him and pushed him away, but I praised Little Man for being so sweet and loving with his sister. I was so proud of him!!!


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